Here is the rub:

I didn’t get a dog so he could spend all day cooped up in a house, and  fenced in a yard. Dogs should get to have adventures and explore the world outside of the house. 


 Leash manners have been a struggle with Banjo since I brought him home. It seems plausible that no one ever taught him the loose leash concept before he came home with me. A few weeks after we brought Banjo home as his confidence grew, he became more aware of outside disruptions on our walk.

If you ask Banjo

Cars are clearly meant for chasing, and so are runners.

Cyclists pose a threat to our way of life.

 Big scary man need to be barked at.1This may be true.

Oh, and Banjo is a total ladies dog, so every lady needs a big kiss on the face.


 We have managed to work our way through these issues, and Banjo is almost prepared to go out and adventure with confidence. Training a dog you adopted isn’t always easy, but it is with out a doubt a worthwhile endeavor. In the next few weeks I hope to share this journey with you.   

You can expect to see how I adapted “Look At That” ,”Heel”, “The CARE method” , “Peek-a-Boo” and other confidence building exercises to my rescue dogs training.


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1. This may be true.