There are two type of stuff dog toys. The adorable plush kind, that are essentially like squeaky teddy bears. These might survive moderate chewing, but won’t survive a rainy day chew session. Then there are the rubber toys that you can stuff with yummy food, or treats for your dog. These are fantastic for rainy days.

After we came inside from a training sessions that was cut short I needed to calm down two energized puppies. So I mushed together Banana, and a touch of peanut butter, and mixed in some blue berries. I put a small dog biscuit on the bottom of each of their rubber toys. Next I filled the rubber toy I was stuffing about a third of the way full. Then I added in a thin layer of  plain oatmeal. I finished off  by filling the dog toy with my mush (blueberries, banana and peanut butter).

By the time this was done both my pups were lying on the floor in a “Down” position waiting for their yummy snack. They only  get this snack when they are in a “Down”.

After Mugsy and Banjo finished their snacks, they settled down contently for a short nap.

Mugsy and Banjo were  ready for a nap after their snack because the stuffed toy acts like a little puzzle for my pups to solve, and is excellent mental stimulation.