Training sessions with two dogs at the same is difficult. Both dogs have to know a really solid “Stay” and separate release commands.

There is no way around that. Unless you want to crate one of the dogs, but that isn’t really a double dog training session is it?

If both dogs know how to “Stay” no matter what is happening around them, and the dogs have different release commands, then one dog can be in a “Sit” and “Stay” whilst the other is released and working on the training activity. It is a lot easier to stay calm and teach a new concept when you can focus on teaching one new skill with one dog and practicing the old skill of “Sit”, and “Stay” with the other dog.

If you reward for the “Sit”, “Stay” and alternate the dog that is in a “Stay” and the dog that is being worked with often, then one dog shouldn’t be jealous of the other.

If your dogs are like Mugsy and Banjo and are still learning how to perfect their “Stay”, using the “Place” command can really help. 1“Place” is having your dogs go to a designated mat, towel or in this case a dog cot.

It takes a couple of tries, and a lot of patience to teach a dog to hold their “Stay” command whilst something really fun and exciting is going on with you and the other dog.

Don’t be discouraged if the dog that is in a “Stay” breaks the “Stay.” I try to take it as a compliment. Mugsy and Banjo just really love to work with me. So I lessen the distraction slightly before trying again.

I found the most success building up the level of distraction I asked Mugsy and Banjo to “Stay” through.

I didn’t immediately ask Mugsy to “Sit”, and “Stay” while Banjo ran through the agility course with me. I started with less amazing fun things. I worked with Banjo on “Twirl” while I had Mugsy hold his “Down”,”Stay” and watch us.

I keep the rotating of the dog that is in a Stay and the dog that is working with me frequent, and I rewarded both dogs.

Having one dog hold a “stay” whilst the other trained teaches a higher level of impulse control which  has help Banjo improve his “Stay” command on walks as well.

It isn’t easy to train two dogs at the same time, but if done right, it can leave both dogs happy and content the entire time.





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1. “Place” is having your dogs go to a designated mat, towel or in this case a dog cot.