I am constantly trying to redirect my dogs attention back to me or get them to break their focus away from distractions.  My dogs have long since mastered the art of breaking my focus. 

When they perceive that I am distracted from them for too long, Mugsy and Banjo quickly remedy the situation.

If I spend too long with a textbook a gentle thump from Mugsy’s paws will draw my attention to the sweetest blue eyed gaze I’ve ever seen.

If I happen to be giving to much attention to a task related to cleaning, it is safe to assume Banjo will squeak his ball at my feet until I throw it.

If I spend too long on the couch I will be jumped on and whined at until I get up and lead them into the backyard for some playing and training time.

If I spend too long laying in bed in the morning, I will be nudged, licked and whined at until I crawl out of bed and prepare for an early morning venture out of the house with my buddies.

This is why I have dogs. Most of the time I need a quick laugh. I need to be pulled away from the tasks that I let engulf me for hours.

I will probably hear the sound that a squeaky tennis ball makes in my sleep, but I’ll also go to bed each night with Banjo’s warm little body pressing against my legs, and the sound of Mugy’s breath hitting the wood door he sleep next. I will have spend my day enjoying at least some out doors, or laughing at the antics two Australian Shepherds get into when the weather keeps us inside.

My dogs are breaking my focus on this post now, I’ve spent to long on the computer today.