Digging in the Dirt!

With our awesome new Subscription my pups won’t be bored enough to dig up my mother’s garden! (One can dream right?)

Needless to say my home is full of happy wiggle butts as a result of a family member gifting me a Bark Box subscription.

I’ve got the upgraded version, because my grandmother never doesn’t upgrade a gift when she can. So our box is the deluxe three toy version, that includes two dog treat bags, and a chew.

Perfect for three playful pups. Okay, so my pups only want the toy the other one is holding, but I mean they all like getting three toys initially.

These toys are some surprisingly sturdy, and adorable plushies. I got a Nut Cracker, a Cab with a Christmas Tree on top, and a Letter to Santa. It was Christmas day when I opened the box, so by the time I got my camera out, the toys were muddy. I’ll be certain to better document future boxes.

High Quality

Bark Box claims high quality toys, treats and chews and they deliver. However, if for what ever reason you don’t like the toy, treat or chew they send a replacement to keep all their furry customers happy.


You choose, your dog’s size, and any dietary restrictions. They even have an upgrade heavy chewers!

Impressive Service

I was initially frustrated I couldn’t elect no long lasting chews as a dietary restriction when I accessed my account.

Banjo is a resource guarder of long lasting chews. So we don’t do long lasting chews in the house. Why mess with something avoidable and dangerous?

I contacted their customer service, and in minutes they had offered to send me an alternative in my box in place of a chew treat. Bark Box keeps their promise that they don’t send us things we don’t want our dogs to have. All anyone has to is contact them, and it’s super easy, as you log in and open up a chat, or call them. Chat support is almost always available and Happy team members work to find a resolution quickly.

Room For Improvement

I think a Multi-Dog option with either multiple chew options, or a no chew option would be neat as only having a single chew in a multi dog home can lead to fights. However, like I mentioned earlier a quick chat resolved this issue for us.

Over All Bark Box is unique as a subscription service because of the quality products, and outstanding customer service. If you want to get a subscription started use the link for a pawesome deal.

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